The [BBC] Ventrilo channel could be described as the hub of clan communication, more so than even the forum.  In Vent the individual characters of our members really shine through and it's not unusual for us to be laughing all night.

[BBC] have an enviable track record in scrim victories and some may say that the clan take gaming too seriously.  Generally speaking it couldn't be farther from the truth.  Whilst we 'play for money in matches', so to speak, we play just for the fun any other time.

The following audio clips are from recordings from both public and scrim games and they provide an insight into the kind of clan [BBC] are. Most unexplained laughter and comments refer to what is happening during the games rather than the conversations. Each clip has a short description along with a list of those who can be heard, usually in the order they appear.

Warning: Many clips contain naughty words

Special Note 2021: This content is circa 2012. Some of the clips are missing (The play button is not lit), they'll be posted if they turn up...

You Da Man!

During a game of S&D as Greenberet7 conquers all, Phantom sings his praises.

Phantom, Camper, Frank Fraser, ~Wibble~, Tango, Anth

Who Shot Me Then?!

Anth takes time out of his game to sing Green a song...

Phantom, Greenberet7, Anth, ~Wibble~, Camper

Why Can't I Plant?

During a game of S&D on Stanjel Phantom has asked why he can't plant.  Green tries to inform him that it's because he's defending...but fails.

Greenberet7, ~Wibble~


~Wibble~ offers tactical advice to the team...

~Wibble~, Greenberet7, Camper, Tango, Balle

Raining Tanks!

A daring jeep advance by Greenberet7, Camper and MadChef is cut short by Tango's empty tank.

Greenberet7, Camper, Tango

Cleaning Windows

During a game of Retrieval on 'The Chateau' a dead ~Wibble~ watches Greenberet7 and Tango dance around the capture truck when they should be doing something more constructive.

Camper, ~Wibble~, Balle, Tango, Greenberet7

Pot of Tea

Camper calls for the server to be switched to S&D mode then wanders off for what turned out to be a bottle of wine...

Camper, ~Wibble~, Tango, Greenberet7

Firing Blanks

Al complains about the weaponry available...

Al Hardman, BigWorm, Camper, Tango, Greenberet7


Frank Fraser has already taken a minute or two to explain why he feels the need to change his name...before Greenberet7 suggests one...

Greenberet7, Frank Fraser, Tango, Camper, ~Wibble~, BigWorm

~Wibble~ Hates Snipers

~Wibble~ whiles away the minutes mowing down the lowest form of gaming life on Rhinevalley.

Frank Fraser, ~Wibble~, Greenberet7, Camper, BigWorm


Camper makes it clear what he thinks of the Hand of God and the man who posted his name in our forum.

Frank Fraser, Camper, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, MadChef


Green, our beloved career Royal Marine and Falklands War Veteran shares some of his experience in what to do when you are heavily outnumbered.

Greenberet7, Tango, ~Wibble~, Bigworm


Whilst following Camper, a dead ~Wibble~ paints a bleak and ultimately confusing picture with the help of his 7.1 surround sound.

~Wibble~, Camper, MadChef

Come Down and Fight!

Greenberet7 gets wound up by camping snipers during a game of S&D on Windmills.

Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, Balle, Camper

Learning Something New...

~Wibble~ refers some UO veterans to the basic training manual after Camper complains that someone has tampered with his trusty BAR.

~Wibble~, Camper, Greenberet7, Tango, Frank Fraser, MadChef

Green Loves S&D

Worm calls for the server to be switched to S&D mode and Green predicts the future...

BigWorm, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, Camper, Tango

Bash Fest

The final few seconds of S&D at the Railyard sees a lone ~Wibble~ bashing 2 of the last 3 opponents whilst running around the plant he's defending at the tank.

Al Hardman, Greenberet7, Anth, Camper, ~Wibble~

Winding up Camper

A dead Tango and ~Wibble~ do their best to distract their last remaining enemy from killing their team mate.

Tango, Camper, ~Wibble~, Greenberet7, Phantom, Anth

Bash Fwanky!

Despite his dead team mates best efforts, Fwench Fwank runs around Alpestra seemingly oblivious to the fact that 3 players are chasing him around in circles all intent on bashing him.

Camper, Greenberet7, Phantom, Frank Fraser (aka Fwench Fwank), ~Wibble~


Victim of a classic Wibnade, Phantom informs his team mates of the enemy positions.  Concentrating on the game, ~Wibble~ isn't quick on the uptake...

Phantom, ~Wibble~, Camper, Greenberet7

Oh No!!

What begins as an innocent comment about Foy being the next map turns into an unlikely elocution lesson from Camper.

BigWorm, Phantom, ~Wibble~, Camper

Phanty Baby...

A lyrical interpretation of a warning for Phantom about Bundles firing position is followed by an incitement to vandalise a vehicle from Camper.

Camper, ~Wibble~, Phantom, Bundle, BigWorm

Football Quackers

The World Cup promotes a drunken debate on the lack of video replay evidence in Football...but Phantom diverts the conversation fairly quickly to Donald Duck via Emilio Estevez and the Falklands War.

Camper, ~Wibble~, Anth, Phantom

Worm's Picture Album

The addition of the Image Gallery to the clan site has prompted many members to upload various pictures.  After initial enthusiasm BigWorm quickly loses interest, meanwhile Reggie eats pizza.

~Wibble~, BigWorm, Camper, Reggie Kray

Linsey Dawn McKenzie's T*ts

Still eating his pizza Reggie Kray proves once again that he is a mine of information.  Exactly what class of information we'll leave up to you to decide.

Reggie Kray, Camper, ~Wibble~, BigWorm

The Birth of Two Clans

An inter-clan fun event required the naming of the two warring factions. A few minutes later...

Camper, ~Wibble~, Green, BigWorm, Reggie Kray, Phantom

[BBC] Recordings - Exclusive!!
Slayer Speaks!

Our spies in The Curry House have captured the voice of the Slayer!  She speaks to the people she doesn't like at school.  She speaks to people she doesn't know in local shops. She speaks freely to everyone in the world except her friends in the clan. It is sad that we must go to such lengths to hear our littlest voice...but here it is...


The ~Wibble~/Worm Nade Exchange

For the second round in a row ~Wibble~ finds himself alone and sitting in the same spot surrounded by enemy's.  The round ends with BigWorm enquiring as to  the whereabouts of the grenade he threw after stumbling onto ~Wibble~'s.

BigWorm, ~Wibble~, MadChef, Camper

Love the Worm

Often victimised on public servers BigWorm displays some hippy tendancies in his new end-of-round nick change.

Camper, ~Wibble~, BigWorm

Wormmy's Likkle One

For the second time in one night BigWorm's "Love the Worm" end-of-round nick change causes a stir.

BigWorm, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~

Tongue Tied Camper

In a game of S&D Camper trips over his words and sets Greenberet off on a giggle...

Greenberet7, Camper, ~Wibble~, MadChef, BigWorm

Turn it Down

Whilst staying at a friends house ~Wibble~ finds that firing his weapon at 3am isn't quite as acceptable as it is at home.

~Wibble~, Greenberet7, BigWorm

Nonsense and Disinformation

It isn't unusual for there to be long periods on Vent where nothing much makes sense.  Then there are the times where one team deliberately feed their opponents misleading information.  Nothing you hear is true..

BigWorm, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, MadChef, Camper

Shuddup...before Mum twats yer

Late nite waffling gets Camper in trouble with Mrs Camper.  Being the modern age however her message is relayed from upstairs to Camper's chair downstairs via Slayer's Xfire.

Camper, PHANTOM, ~Wibble~

Heavy Garage Handbag

Late nite DJ Anth talks music with Camper, our resident Music aficionado.

anth, Camper, ~Wibble~, PHANTOM

Super Good Slayer

Occasional player 'Foul Mouthed Bundy' Bundle finds that clan members rifle handling has improved considerably and teenagers are now regularly kicking his arse...

Bundle, MadChef, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, BigWorm

A BigWorm Welcome

The clan discovers that Worm's 'Wayne and Waynetta Slob' impression is coming along nicely.

BigWorm, tOxIc, ~Wibble~, Al Hardman, MadChef, Camper

Worm's New PC

Worm discusses fund raising plans for a new PC before being distracted by Greeny's hesitant rifle action.

BigWorm, Camper, ~Wibble~, Greenberet, Bundle

Fairies and Girls Guns

Sound bites from a round or two of S&D on Remagen sees an upset ~Wibble~ taking issue with the amount of Carbines in use along with Camper's penchant for camping his own spawn.  Meanwhile Chef has an encounter with a live handgrenade and some pesky furniture.

Anth, ~Wibble~, Camper, The{Pianist}, MadChef, BigWorm

Trolleys and Mad Men

Whilst Camper tries to coax out a lone AngryTroll he inadvertantly shoots his own team mate in a 'whose side am I on again' moment.

Camper, ~Wibble~, BigWorm, MadChef, Phantom

Confusing ~Wibble~

Recent visitor The{Pianist} has undesirable effects on ~Wibble~'s hearing.

Phantom, Camper, BigWorm, The{Pianist}, ~Wibble~

4 Minute and 30 Second Ponyri

In a 7v7 league match the squad makes a record finish to a round of Ponyri. This is the entire round recording bar some tactical chat that was removed. Time to complete both rounds on Ponyri: 9min 40s.

Camper, MadChef, BigWorm, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, anth  (Xedos played but was not on Vent)

Stand in the Corner

After his teams fight back from 2-0 down on a public game of BroadSword, BigWorm hands the opponents a Dunce cap.

Phantom, BigWorm, The{Pianist}, Camper, ~Wibble~

The Magic Tree

Mysterious goings-on with Foy and its flora.

anth, Camper, BigWorm, ~Wibble~, MadChef

Plant it Phant!

S&D on Tigertown and Phantom is defending...

BigWorm, Camper, ~Wibble~, The{Pianist}, Phantom


~Wibble~ gets grief from all angles on a Saturday night and finds that some clan m8's more sympathetic than others...

~Wibble~, BigWorm, Greenberet7, Phantom, An AngryTroll, MadChef


Chef and Green disagree on some local architecture whilst ~Wibble~ muddy's the waters...

MadChef, Greenberet7, Phantom, Camper, ~Wibble~

Worm and the North Star

With confusion still in the air about bridges and tunnels, Worm catches some night air...

MadChef, Greenberet7, Phantom, ~Wibble~, BigWorm, Camper

Here Camper Camper

A game of S&D and Greeny and his team are hunting for a lone Camper who is busy hiding under the stairs...

Greenberet7, Camper, BigWorm, Gnasher, ~Wibble~, Phantom

Banana Bunch!

Wormy reminisces about 70's Saturday morning Tv and ~Wibble~ adapts the theme tune for a recently dead Bundle.

BigWorm, MadChef, ~Wibble~, Greenberet7, Camper, Phantom


Chef drops Artillery on his own team in a game of public S&D that sees half the clan wiping the floor with the other half...

MadChef, Greenberet7, Phantom, BigWorm, Camper


Beginning with Phant apologising for another TK this clip of vent chatter during a league match on Foy captures the closing moments as the clan hammers out a 3-0 round win. 3-3-3 referred to the round results thus far. The following round ended 3-0 also.

Phantom, MadChef, Greenberet7, anth, ~Wibble~, Camper, BigWorm, REGGIE KRAY

Yibbedy Yabbada!

During the following round Worm offers advice to REGGIE about the use of his huge weapon.

Camper, ~Wibble~, REGGIE KRAY, BigWorm

Smelly Talk

Camper calls for reinforcements in the under-arm department and starts some discussion on mens toiletries of past and present. Towards the end of the clip the background sounds from war and ticking bombs strangely match anth's opinions. Is COD influencing anth's mind?!

Camper, ~Wibble~, PHANTOM, anth, Greenberet7

Present for Tango

Tango stalks ~Wibble~ on WinterAmbush and issues a poorly timed taunt. As he starts his sentence ~Wibble~'s grenade is already primed and its delivery can be heard over the open mic.

Tango, ~Wibble~

In the Mersey

As a round of S&D starts on Sicily, an Allied Tango spawns on a jetty and heads off in the wrong direction...

Tango, MadChef, Camper, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~

Spam Spam Spam Spam

~Wibble~ offers an opinion on being taken out by blindly thrown grenades and prompts a tale from Camper's youth.

~Wibble~, Camper, MadChef, Greenberet7

Spudguns, Rocks and Unconvincing Misinformation

This brief compilation sees NoseBacon (our resident moving target) explaining why he has trouble killing people. In the very next map he finishes top of his team for the first time only to shatter any illusions we may have been under. Meanwhile Camper continues to use his dodgy deception techniques....

NoseBacon, Tango, Camper, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~

Smug TK'ers and Greeny's Corner Camp Site

A poorly thrown grenade from spawn on Harbor prompts a Scouse exchange whilst Greenberet7 pitches his tent in exactly the same place that ~Wibble~ doesn't look....

MadChef, Tango, ~Wibble~, NoseBacon, Camper, Greenberet7

Greeny and Al's Jeep Encounter

A Keystone Cops moment on Foy ends unfortunately for Al and produces a classic Greeny giggle in the process...

Greenberet7, Al Hardman, Camper, Tango, ~Wibble~

Wormy the Northerner

The recent playing of a squeeky (some would say irritating)
hamster voice on Vent prompted a large amount of mimicry
recently that has proved unpopular with ~Wibble~. One
thing leads to another and before we know it Wormy is
giving us his impression of what Northerners sound like.
Geography however isn't one of his strong points.

Greeny responds with his Hamster interpretation of a
Wormy Whinge.

L@ndwarrior, Johnfrost, Greenberet7, BlackPanther, ~Wibble~, Camper, MadChef, Tango, BigWorm

Pavlov's Dog

It's an all BBC late night S&D session. The map is Pavlov.
All the Axis are dead except an inebriated PHANTOM who
is guided from the ground all the way to the top floor and
then to a successful plant by his helpful team mates.

An incoming grenade causes panic and with the hard part
done, Phant promptly runs out of the top floor window and
falls to his death, much to everyones amusement...

PHANTOM, Tango, Camper, Greenberet7, BigWorm, MadChef, NoseBacon

Panto Season

In an S&D session on POW Camp, Camper points out that its Panto Season again and to prove it enters into a spontaneous albeit slightly dodgy musical number with Greeny and ANTH.

Camper, PHANTOM, Greenberet7, ANTH, ~Wibble~, F!nger$, MadChef

Giving Greeny the Run-around

S&D on Railyard sees Greeny running around the factory floor trying to avoid 3 axis. His dead team mates Camper and a near-hysterical Wibble can only hear bullets pinging off nearby pillars and the swoosh of rifle butts behind him. In the melee all that can be seen are fleeting glimpses of the enemy. They disappear off the corner of Greeny's screen as he constantly turns just that little bit too slowly.

~Wibble~, Camper, Greenberet7, tOxIc

Moaning Minnies

The clan has a 'Friday Night S&D Moan In' about nothing in particular, except maybe our pet hate...bombs that don't tinkle when someone is planting or defusing. Four tinkle-less defusings in as many rounds prompted some discussion..

Black Panther, Johnfrost, Kimmo, Camper, BigWorm, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~

Wormy's Whine

Another round of S&D and an untimely death fuels BP's urge to drink. Wormy promptly demonstrates how they drink wine where he comes from...

anAngryTroll, Black Panther, Kimmo, Johnfrost, BigWorm, ~Wibble~, Camper, Greenberet7

Chefy Ramble

Our beloved Finn Chefy has a tendancy to ramble amusingly on beery Friday S&D nights. Meanwhile Camper trundles off to say goodnight to Mrs Camper...

MadChef, Black Panther, BigWorm, Tango, Camper

Just You!

During a night of S&D our Trolly isn't impressed when he gets taken out by a long range pistol shot in a last-man-standing scenario with Kimmo. A short while later at the start of the next map he gets his revenge. Seeing that as a fait d'accompli for the round he is unconcerned when dying at ~Wibble~'s hands a moment later, instead using his time on Vent to....well, vent.

anAngry-Troll, Kimmo, ~Wibble~, Johnfrost, tOxIc

Phantom Raspberry Blower

Sunday nite S&D sees Phantom suggesting to KB that he shoot at what little he can see of his opponent.  At this point another cheeky chappy makes his presence heard...

PHANTOM, Camper, KB, LandWarrior, Greenberet7

Spelk Woody!

The introduction of AWE on the S&D server brings amusement at the Spanking of players who 'camp' for more than 45 seconds.  Phant suggests an alternative message for display when a particular player (named Woody) is punished for camping. Much amusement results from his suggestion and its delivery but at the end of the day everyone learned a new word.

Greenberet7, Camper, PHANTOM, ~Wibble~

The Poo Fighters and Anth's Weapon

Straight-boy Camper makes a suggestion about who may be the sexiest man on the planet. A confused Wibble mishears the name of a band and his comment leads LandWarrior to suggest some new programming for the Discovery channel. Meanwhile an Allied Anth is just about to take a shot at an opponents head when the AWE mod spanks him for camping.  Left lying down being repeatedly shellshocked on a staircase with his gun dropped on the steps in front of him he is at the mercy of an Axis bash!

Camper, LandWarrior, Black Panther, ~Wibble~, KB, F!nger$, PHANTOM, anth

The BP Execution Squad

Landwarrior is taken out by Camper just after Camper and Black Panther cross the river during a game of S&D on Wilsum. He reports the presence of the two as BP who had run scared and hid around the corner promptly shoots his team mate Camper dead as he rounds the same corner. Unable to focus through his tears of laughter BP finds it impossible to follow his dead teammate Wibble's advice..

LandWarrior, Black Panther, ~Wibble~, Camper, MadChef, KB

~Wibble~ Bash Failure

Wibble's bash failure rate is second to none.  Exasperated at yet another missed opportunity he finds it hard to describe his problem...

~Wibble~, KB

Black Panther Does Wookie

Whilst trying to entice LandWarrior into saying a particular statement in Dutch, Phantom suggests an alternative language. At which point Black Panther's hidden talent is revealed...

Camper, PHANTOM, BlackPanther, ~Wibble~, BigWorm, LandWarrior

Summer Snowball

It's the middle of August and Wibble relays his surprise at finding snow in his kitchen...

~Wibble~, Camper, LandWarrior

What have I just put there?!

During a beery round of COD4 S&D, ANTH types a message on screen.  After taking a moment to consider what he has just written and remaining none the wiser, he asks the rest of the clan for their thoughts on the subject...

The line in question was:

Johnfrost, ANTH, Greenberet7, ~Wibble~, BlackPanther, KB

Camper the Assistant

The mickey-taking can be merciless on Vent as this clip demonstrates.  It's nearing the end of another round of CoD4 S&D on our 20 slot public server and Greeny notices that after 8 rounds Camper has 0 kills and 8 deaths...

Greenberet7, Camper, ~Wibble~, BlackPanther, Tango

The Firearms Fashion Victim

After Frosty points out that Tango is using a girl's gun it emerges that the weapon in question actually belonged to a dead Camper.  Under pressure Camper admits to creating the COD4 Small Arms Fashion Tragedy of the year.

Johnfrost, Greenberet7, Tango, Camper

BF2 - Nob-Jockey Convention?

Just before half of the BBC started what turned out to be a very amusing, very beery late Friday night S&D session against the Grunts, BlackPanther noticed that F!nger$ was playing Battlefield 2. Some 90 minutes later and our game has just finished, when BP notices, much to his disgust that F!ngs is still playing. His comment tickles ~Wibble~ and has undesirable effects on Johnfrost's beer...

Johnfrost, BlackPanther, ~Wibble~, IncognitoCulto

Thumbsy the American

Our favourite German missy, Thumbs has left us for a short time. On her last night she chose the maps and game types we were playing and revealed a penchant for Domination. BlackPanther practices his foreign language skills.

Thumbs, ~Wibble~, Johnfrost, BlackPanther, MadMan

Idiot Gun

Camper experiences the limitations of the Noob-Choob and recognises similar behaviour in others. Meanwhile COD4 new-boy IncognitoCulto stumbles through the world of Modern Warfare experiencing everything for the first time.  A recently dead ~Wibble~ begins spectating his wide-eyed and inquisitive team mate as he picks up a dead KB's weapon.  IncognitoCulto's comment as he's reloading it causes some amusement, at least for ~Wibble~ and BlackPanther...

Camper, Johnfrost, ~Wibble~, BlackPanther, IncognitoCulto, KB

Landy ze Airvolf

It's the usual [BBC] Friday night 'Beer n Bullets' affair and the setting is S&D on Kelly's Heroes. LandW@rrior is the first to take advantage of a forward spawn and catches WeeDWaKKa & ~Wibble~ by surprise.

Weedy comments on his opponents pace which prompts Landy to give a brief rendition of the theme tune to a dodgy 80's TV show. ~Wibble~ replies in keeping with the recent [BBC] trend to learn (or create) some German words to make our European members feel more at home.

Other members contribute using the Ventrilo text-to-speech facility which ultimately leaves IncognitoCulto laughing so much (off air) he dies hopelessly in the next gunfight.

WeeDWaKKa, ~Wibble~, L@ndWarrior!, MadMan, MadChef, F!nger$, KB, BlackPanther, IncognitoCulto

WeeDy welcomes Cheffy

WeeDWaKKa is having a hard time against some S&D opponents and vents his frustration just as MadChef arrives on Vent...

~Wibble~, MadChef, WeeDWaKKa, MadMan, BlackPanther

Balle blows away a Typhoon

Some way into a round of S&D on mp_austria_small and IncognitoCulto finds himself on the wrong end of a grenade. Meanwhile a recent visitor to our S&D sessions is a player new to UO, Typhoon. Still finding his feet within the game he comes across ex-Founder member of [BBC], Balle, who is on the way to plant a bomb.  Inexplicably Typhoon stands still and watches Balle as he lays down, deploys his 30cal and fires...much to the amusement of everyone watching.

BlackPanther, L@ndWarrior!, ~Wibble~, MadChef, IncognitoCulto, KB, F!nger$

Super Curly Tango

It's S&D on Peaks and an American ~Wibble~ is convinced he's seen an Axis player duck down behind a wall. Only as he's firing does he realise it's one of his team mates. Meanwhile MadChef throws a grenade only to have it bounce back and blow himself up for the third time in as many rounds. The last Allied player alive is Anth and he tries in vain to hide in a bush whilst protecting his plant. Curly (aka Tango) is on a rampage though and after several rounds of dying at his hands ~Wibble~ gives Curly a suggestion as to which team he should join.

~Wibble~, Johnfrost, Tango, MadChef, BlackPanther, Anth, MadMan, PHANTOM, KB


It's a beery Friday night bash, crash and smash fest as the clan takes each other on in a FlatOut2 Football stunt event where you have to fire your driver through the windscreen into the goal. One must take care to avoid the moving goalkeeper, the wall of players lined up in front of the goal, and the real wall upon which all of the aforementioned are standing. PHANTOM has just crashed headlong into the wall and it prompts others to comment on the lack of blood involved. It's at this point that Anth tries to say something. Meanwhile Wolfy scores, pushing PHANT into last place on the scoreboard as a result. Only then do we finally get to hear what Anth was trying to sell to a room full of drunken gamers in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

Johnfrost, KB, Anth, PHANTOM, ~Wibble~, MadMan, Wolf

Sort it out!

As the clip starts we hear ~Wibble~'s Thompson chattering away in the general direction of the elusive PHANTOM, who is only a few virtual feet away. It's PHANT's rifle that wins the battle though, causing ~Wibble~ to query his own aiming abilities. Meanwhile Cheffy tries to say something...

~Wibble~, PHANTOM, MadChef

Funny Bones and Banana Phones

Regular Friday night S&D fare sees ANTH falling foul of a wall thin enough for him to poke his arm through whilst he's trying to hide. His comment begins a dubious cultural exchange of colloquialism's.

ANTH, KB, JohnFrost!, L@ndWarrior!, BlackPanther, ~Wibble~, anAngryHamster (aka anAngryTroll)

Poker Lies

After a drunken gaming session the guns have been put away for the night and a few hands of Texas Hold'em at PKR becomes the next distraction. Sitting around a virtual table, bluff and counter bluff becomes the order of the day, something that can be made more convincing at least against ones clanmates, with the use of Vent. In this instance one jack on the Flop and another on the River prompts Cheffy to speculate with a half-hearted verbal bluff. ~Wibble~ takes him at his word, folds, only to see Chef win with an inferior hand. Moments later and ~Wibble~ makes a comment about another player at the table, a comment which Chef then applies to himself, causing ~Wibble~ to have a Mutley Moment.

MadChef, ~Wibble~, KB

Poker Giggles

Several beers later and the three are the only ones left around an 8 player table. In PKR as you raise your bet, your character says (in an accent of your choice) "Raise". In this hand, the fellows find much amusement in raising and re-raising each other in a continuous and rapid cycle that lasts for a minute or so. Others join the table as this is happening, but leave almost immediately when they see what's going on. It's probably classed as a 'had to be there' moment, but those that were, probably didn't find that it helped.

MadChef, ~Wibble~, KB

Golden Wolf and Team Chef

Saturday night S&D on the custom map Stcomedumont and a topic of discussion begins with Wolf's decision to change the colours in his name from grey/silver to yellow/gold. Some time later and Chef attempts to surround an opponent, all by himself...

BlackPanther, ~Wibble~, Wolf, BigWorm, MadChef, JohnFrost!, KB